Qualcomm's Metaverse Opportunity is Coming into Focus: Jeff Kagan

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Qualcomm growth strategy seems to be defining the direction of the entire wireless industry. They have been riding the wireless growth wave for decades. Now, they are going beyond simply wireless. They are expanding their focus to 5G, AI, IoT, the cloud and the metaverse. Let’s see what that means for Qualcomm, their customers and investors, and for the entire industry going forward.

Their growth and expansion in the wireless industry has been and remains solid. Now...

Can T-Mobile Hold Its Position as a Nasdaq Top Performer? Jeff Kagan

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T-Mobile's John Legere at CES 2014, Las Vegas (Photo: FanaticTRX | Creative Commons)

T-Mobile US (TMUS) is surprising investors and wireless industry watchers with its continued solid performance. In a tough stock market, one that has roughed up pretty much all wireless competitors, the company remains a leader  — one of Nasdaq’s 100 best performers this year. The question is, how ...

For Verizon Business, the 5G Opportunity is Looking Like a Winner: Jeff Kagan

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The transformative power of technologies like 5G, wireless, broadband and cloud for businesses around the world is well-established. And the new CEO of Verizon Business, Sowmyanarayan Sampath, has every intention of continuing to ride the wave.

Speaking at the Oppenheimer 25th Annual Technology, Internet and Communications Conference this month, Sampath laid out the company’s game plan, a new direction that he expects to play a significant role in its...

The Future of Smartphones is Still Unfolding: Jeff Kagan

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Innovation is key when it comes to growth in technology. Smartphones are no exception. In fact, upon launch, innovation with the original iPhone and Android systems quickly exploded with growth. That sent one-time leaders down. The foldable phone was introduced just a few short years ago. How hot will the foldable smartphone market become, and will it take the leadership position?


So far, from what I see, while the foldable phone will never become a replace...

Why T-Mobile Is Not Raising Prices Like AT&T and Verizon: Jeff Kagan

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Why is T-Mobile not raising prices when Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility are?

Opensignal Says T-Mobile Winning 5G Wireless War Today: Jeff Kagan

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Verizon Wireless is second and AT&T Mobility is third. Why this ongoing study is important. Should you switch carriers or not?

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon Shows How Company Will Grow: Jeff Kagan

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Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon explained to investors how strong company growth would continue going forward. In fact, this strong news led Qualcomm to set a record high stock price in the days since. Let’s take a closer look at the changing industry, the changing technologies and the changing products and services. And let’s take a closer look at what that future holds for Qualcomm.


Qualcomm has been around for quite a long time, and they have con...

Is Motorola Making a Comeback in Wireless? Jeff Kagan

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Is Motorola making a comeback in the wireless smartphone marketplace? It led the space until the 1990s, when it collapsed. Its never-say-die attitude, however, seems to be slowly working.

Thoughts on AT&T Analyst and Investor Day 2021: Jeff Kagan

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Last week I attended the AT&T Analyst and Investor Day 2021, and this week I joined a company call with a few key Industry Analysts. Let me share some thoughts about this briefing with you. This was important for a variety of reasons. Analysts, investors, business customers and consumers need to understand where AT&T is today and the direction it is heading.

2021 Winners in Wireless, Pay TV, Entertainment: Jeff Kagan

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2020 has been a crazy year full of ups and downs. That being said, there are important lessons every investor, worker and customer should learn and use to their benefit. There have been several industries and sectors which have still been growing right through this COVID-19 chaos. And there are several key differences among similar competitors that you need to understand.

Some of the companies with a strong group of core services are those in the communications industry. That means wireless, wire line, telecom, pay TV, Internet and more.

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