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President Biden's New Alliance With Australia and Britain Angers France and European Union

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President Joe Biden’s decision to form a strategic Indo-Pacific alliance with Australia and Britain to counter China is angering France and the European Union. They’re feeling left out and seeing it as a return to the Trump era.

The security initiative, unveiled this week, appears to have brought Biden’s summer of love with Europe to an abrupt end. AUKUS, which notably excludes France and the European Union, is just the latest in a series of steps, from Afghanistan to east Asia, that have taken Europe aback.

European Union Recommends Banning Non-Essential Travel From US

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The European Union is recommending its 27 member nations to ban non-essential travel from the US and other countries due to the latest surge in COVID-19 cases.

On Monday, countries within the bloc were advised to reinstate coronavirus-related restrictions and halt the arrival of tourists from the US, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

European Union To Propose Broad Climate Package Including End of Gasoline and Diesel Cars in 20 Years

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The European Union is set to propose measures on Wednesday, as part of a broad climate package, that signal the end of petrol (gasoline) and diesel car sales within 20 years, and accelerate a switch to electric propulsion.

Many carmakers have already announced huge investments in electrification, partly in anticipation of tougher emissions targets, but want to know whether the EU will back them by building public charging stations, and how soon it wants hybrid electric/combustion vehicles to be phased out.

European Union Regulators Say Not All COVID-19 Vaccines Are Equal

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After Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor and his wife received two doses of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine in Nigeria, they assumed they would be free to travel this summer to a European destination of their choice. They were wrong.

The couple — and millions of other people who have been vaccinated through a U.N.-backed effort — could find themselves barred from entering many European and other countries because those nations don’t recognize the Indian-made version of the vaccine for travel.

European Union Delays Digital Levy Plans Amid US Criticism

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The European Union has put on hold work on plans for a digital levy for the moment to concentrate on finalizing the historic tax decision endorsed by the Group of 20 nations over the weekend, officials said Monday.

In the face of U.S. criticism, the European Commission said that its work on the levy that would hit American technology companies would go on ice to allow for smooth cooperation on the political and technical hurdles that still need to be addressed on the G-20 tax decision before the end of October.

US and EU Reach Deal on Boeing-Airbus Subsidies, But Friction Remains

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The deal the United States and the European Union reached Tuesday to end their long-running rift over subsidies to Boeing and Airbus will suspend billions in punitive tariffs. It will ease trans-Atlantic tensions. And it will let the two sides focus on a common economic threat: China.

But the breakthrough still leaves some trade friction between the U.S. and the EU unresolved. Most prominently, President Biden kept in place import taxes that President Donald Trump imposed on European steel and aluminum, a move that infuriated some of America’s closet allies three years ago.

President Biden Faces Lingering Doubts in Trump's Wake About US Reliability as Partner

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By Andrea Shalal, Humeyra Pamuk and Robin Emmott

In 2017, the president of the United States shocked Washington’s Western allies during his first European trip, scolding them for failing to pay their “fair share” on defense, physically shoving aside one prime minister, and white-knuckling another leader in a public handshake.

After four tumultuous years for the transatlantic relationship under Donald Trump, his Democratic successor Joe Biden...

European Union Leaders Impose Sanctions on Belarus After Forced Plane Diversion

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The European Union agreed Monday to impose sanctions on Belarus, including banning its airlines from using the airspace and airports of the 27-nation bloc, amid fury over the forced diversion of a passenger jet to arrest an opposition journalist.

Reacting to what EU leaders called a brazen “hijacking” of the Ryanair jetliner flying from Greece to Lithuania on Sunday, they also demanded the immediate release of the journalist, Raman Pratasevich, a key foe of authoritarian Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

First Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic Responsible for Nearly Six Million Lost Jobs in Europe

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The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic eliminated nearly six million jobs across the European Union, particularly impacting sectors dominated by temporary contractors, female workers and young people, according to a study released Thursday.

According to Eurofound, an EU agency that monitors living and working conditions in the 27-nation bloc, there were 5.7 million fewer people employed by spring 2020 than at the end of 2019 and 6.3 million fewer people compared with the trend growth, i.e., the number of people employed that could have been expected prior to the pandemic.

European Union Ready To Engage With Biden Administration To Resolve Trade Disputes

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The European Union and U.S. both said they looking to resolve a conflict over aircraft manufacturing that has lasted nearly two decades, according to reports.

The U.S. Trade Representative’s office plans to refrain from revising existing tariffs on European goods right now, a change that would have been possible during periodic reviews, and wants to settle a 17-year-long battle over government subsidies provided to Europe’s Airbus SE and U.S.-based Boeing Company, Reuters reported.

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