Population Boom Will Drive Metals and Minerals Prices

Frank Holmes | |

Every new baby drives commodities demand.

Consumers Finally Seeing Lower Gasoline Prices

Frank Holmes | |

The bad news is that we are likely in a recession.

Inflation is the Fed's Number One Priority

Tradier | |

More interest rate increases are coming.

Best Play in Commodities Right Now

Justin Spittler | |

Commodities are ripping higher. Here’s my top way to cash in.

Commodities Post Strongest Gains in Over a Decade

Frank Holmes | |

Commodities as a whole had their best year in over a decade, due in large part to inflation triggered by unprecedented global monetary and fiscal stimulus. The Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index ended 2021 with a gain of 27%, the biggest yearly jump since 2009, when the financial crisis similarly prompted governments and central banks to flood their economies with liquidity.

Commodities — Assessing 2021 and Forecasting 2022

Marin Katusa | |

Large price moves normally come in waves and the big winners rotate as the economy changes.

Breaking the Supply Chain Bottleneck

Tradier | |

Since the start of the global pandemic, historically low interest rates and government spending have inhibited saving and encouraged borrowing and spending to lift the economy during the challenging period. The US Federal Reserve and government have pumped far more liquidity into the financial system than during the 2008 global financial crisis. We have seen an increase in inflationary pressures because of the stimulus. Moreover, the pandemic’s unintended consequences have created shortages and supply chain bottlenecks that have only exacerbated rising prices.

Kimberly-Clark To Raise Prices on Toilet Paper, Facial Tissues, Diapers

Reuters | |

Kimberly-Clark Corp said on Wednesday it would raise prices on many of its products including Scott toilet paper, tissues and diapers in the United States and Canada to offset rising commodity costs.

The company saw its products roll off supermarket shelves as shoppers stockpiled essential staples ahead of curfews and lockdowns to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Crude Oil Futures Fall to 18-Year Low

Reuters | |

"The oil demand collapse from the spreading coronavirus looks increasingly sharp,"

Oil Falls 2% As China Virus Cases Surpass SARS Total

Reuters | |

Oil fell to its lowest level in 3 months. Market also considered the possibility of an early OPEC meeting.

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