Interest Rates

Inflation Continues To Drive Interest Rates Higher

Tradier | |

Q2 GDP data confirms that US is in a recession.

Inflation + Recession = Recipe for Volatility

Tradier | |

Uncertainty is the stock market’s worst enemy.

This Recession Indicator Just Lit Up — What Does It Mean?

Stephen McBride | |

What's an inverted yield curve... and why does it matter?

Stuck Between a Strong Labor Market and an Inverted Yield Curve

Edward Kim | |

How aggressive will the Fed get with interest rates in the near term?

Investors Must Watch US Dollar Volatility Amid Higher Interest Rates

Tradier | |

As the US central bank prepares to address the highest inflation levels in four decades, the prospects for higher US interest rates have pushed the dollar to higher lows and higher highs against other world fiat currencies.

Russell 2000 Enters Bear Market Territory for First Time in Nearly Two Years

Equities Staff | |

Small caps tumbled Thursday to their lowest level in over a year, with the Russell 2000 Index falling 2.3% to close at 1,931.29.

Inflation Will Not Magically Disappear in 2022

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The US central bank abandoned the term “transitory” when characterizing rising inflation at its December meeting. However, action speaks louder than words, and the central bank’s forecasts and plans will likely keep that inflationary fuse burning into 2022.

Will the Supply Chain Stall Santa's Sleigh?

Tradier | |

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, the holiday season is upon us in markets across all asset classes. The end of 2021 comes as markets face the prospects of central bank tightening, higher taxes, and new outbreaks of another COVID-19 variant.

US Bank Profits Slip 1.2% in Q3

Reuters | |

U.S. bank profits fell 1.2% in the third quarter of 2021 to $69.5 billion as firms were slower to shrink their credit loss provisions and grappled with low interest rates, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reported Tuesday.

Bank profits are still up nearly 36% from the same time a year ago when banks were still rushing to set aside funds to guard against pandemic-driven loan losses.

JPMorgan Misses on Third Quarter Revenue, Beats Earnings Estimates With One-Time Items

AP News | |

JPMorgan Chase posted a 24% jump in third-quarter profits on Wednesday, largely driven by one-time items that boosted its results, as the bank struggled to grow revenues with interest rates at near-zero levels.

The nation’s largest bank by assets said it earned a profit of $11.69 billion, or $3.74 per share, compared with a profit of $9.44 billion, or $2.92 per share, in the same period a year earlier. The bank had two one-time items that helped boost its profits this quarter: a $566 million income tax benefit and the release of $2.1 billion from its troubled loans books, something the JPMorgan has been doing every three months since the U.S. economy started recovering from the pandemic.

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