The Currency Crescendo: What Happens When the Music Stops

John Mauldin | |


Big problems usually begin as small problems. We see that in nature, where small disturbances become hurricanes, and we see it in the economy, too. So, it shouldn’t surprise us if the economic disturbances of the last few years compound into something bigger.

Going into 2020, we already had over a decade of global monetary and fiscal foolishness. QE as a monetary policy tool became widespread worldwide. That was compounded by the i...

Is Gold Really the Right Place for Your Money?

Marin Katusa | |

This should be gold’s time to shine... In a time of high global inflation caused in part by massive money printing and fiscal stimulus experiments, gold should be rocking. But instead, gold hit a 2 year low this week.

For decades investors have linked gold and inflation together.

The Theory: As inflation rises, the purchasing power (or the quantity of goods) that $1 Dollar can buy, will go down. Which in layman’s terms means the dollar bill in you...

Utility Investing Is a Steady, Buy-and-Hold Play. Just Not in This Market

Tradier | |

Utility companies provide essential services critical to sustaining life and comfort by supplying people with natural gas, electricity, water and power. Investors tend to hold utility shares in portfolios as long-term investments because they offer price stability and attractive dividend income.

Common utilities include water, sewer, electric, gas, trash and recycling companies. Some technology companies — including cable TV, internet, security, and phone commu...

Our Inflation Nightmare Will Flatline in Six Months

Thompson Clark | |

Investors are running scared.

Chalk it up to the August CPI reading, which prompted a brutal sell-off on Wall Street last Tuesday. Stocks suffered their largest one-day drop in more than two years.

Why? The market took a “glass half empty” view of positive news: The headline inflation rate decreased from 8.5% in July to 8.3% in August.

As you can see, inflation has continued to trend downward since peaking in June:

Buckle Up: Unrelenting Economic Challenges Raise the Stakes for China

Marin Katusa | |

Lackluster data coming out of the Chinese real estate sector shows a further weakening of the nation’s economy. That data emerged against the backdrop of China’s commitment to hold firm in its zero-tolerance policy for Covid — which has led to dozens of lockdowns in cities across the country. The picture, almost comprehensively bleak, merits a closer look.


Economic statistics released for July, which include retail sales, industrial output...

China, Taiwan and the Boycott: The Data Tells the Story

Marin Katusa | |


Eleven Chinese missiles landed in Taiwan’s waters this past week, including one directly over Taipei, all while Chinese military exercises were conducted in six zones surrounding Taiwan. The demonstration of power was the most recent act of Chinese aggression in an ever-escalating tinder box of conflict — and the largest cross-strait exercise in decades.

The maneuvers come amid other challenges for the nation. For the past few decades, China has...

It Isn’t a Recession Until This Group of Economists Says So

Frank Holmes | |

Hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Swap Lines Are Powerful Weapons for the Federal Reserve

Marin Katusa | |

Russia's attack on Ukraine in will lead to the first major implementation of the Fed's swap lines due to war.

Will the Stiffest Sanctions on Record Be Enough Against Russia?

Frank Holmes | |

How much economic pain is the world willing to bear as a result of the sanctions, when it’s likely uber-wealthy Putin will bear none of it?

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