Why 24-Hour Trading Is Here To Stay

Equities Staff | |

Interview with Brian Hyndman, CEO of Blue Ocean Technologies.

How To Trade in a Bearish Market

Tradier | |

Follow these rules to eliminate or reduce the stress and uncertainty when confronting the bear.

Cryptocurrencies Showing Signs of Life

Tradier | |

After the latest price implosion, cryptocurrencies look ready to take off again.

Short Selling: A Critical Market Function

Tradier | |

Short sellers like Jim Chanos serve a critical role in identifying overpriced stocks.

Fed Chair Powell and Russia's Putin Hover Over Markets

Edward Kim | |

Prepare for more than just 25-basis-point hikes.

Trading and Investing Amid High Volatility

Tradier | |

Russia’s aggression has caused a dramatic change for traders and investors in markets across all asset classes.

Here's the Ugly Truth About Stocks Today

Stephen McBride | |

This truth explains why most investors struggle to make any real money in the stock market.

Stock Stage Sharp Monday Afternoon Rally To Erase Morning Losses

Edward Kim | |

After plummeting Monday morning, January 24, 2022, to extend what had already been a four-day losing streak, equity markets made a stark reversal in the afternoon to finish in the green.

Following a week that saw the major indexes shed between 4.6% and 7.6%, the start to the new week saw an accelerated decline, with the screen full of red numbers across the board to the tune of down 4% and more.

Robinhood Reveals Hacker Theft of 7 Million Customer Names, Email Addresses

Kimberly Redmond | |

Online stock trading platform Robinhood Markets Inc (HOOD) disclosed Monday evening that hackers made off with personal information of its more than 7 million users last week in a major security breach.

According to Robinhood, hackers stole email addresses of about 5 million customers and the full names of another 2 million.

Pfizer Shares Set Intraday Record, Pacing COVID-19 Vaccine Makers

Reuters | |

Shares of Pfizer Inc hit a record high on Tuesday for the first time in more than 20 years as shares of COVID-19 vaccine makers have surged amid rising coronavirus cases in the United States.

Pfizer shares were last up 4.9% at $48.25, climbing as high as $48.57 during the session. The stock's previous intraday high was $47.44, reached on April 12, 1999.

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