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Will Mining Stocks Fall Further?

Marin Katusa | |

Keep an eye on these metrics.

3 Reasons To Be Optimistic About the Global Shipping Industry

Frank Holmes | |

Container shipping companies have not been immune to the disruptive factors roiling markets at the moment, namely rising interest rates, soaring inflation and a potential recession... not to mention war in Eastern Europe.

We remain bullish, however, on the global shipping industry for a number of reasons.

Why I’m Buying the 'New' Value Stocks

Stephen McBride | |

Value stocks have outperformed growth stocks this year.

'Goldilocks' Stocks Will Define This Decade

Justin Spittler | |

Every decade has a dominant investment theme.

What You Need To Know About Bear Markets

Frank Holmes | |

Bear markets tend to come and go pretty quickly.

Why 24-Hour Trading Is Here To Stay

Equities Staff | |

Interview with Brian Hyndman, CEO of Blue Ocean Technologies.

Bearish Trend Continues in Boom and Bust Asset Class of Cryptocurrencies

Tradier | |

There are few asset classes as volatile as cryptocurrencies.

Warren Buffett Is Wrong About Cryptocurrencies

Stephen McBride | |

He's a legend when it comes to stocks, but Buffett is wrong about crypto.

Top 3 Airline Stocks Ahead of Summer Travel Season

Frank Holmes | |

It's the first summer travel season that feels comparable to the pre-Covid days of 2019.

Energy Sector Continues To Buck Market Downtrend

Tradier | |

After lagging the stock market for years, traditional energy companies have become the leader.

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