Bond Yields Have Risen Well Above Stock Dividend Yields. Are They a Buy?

Frank Holmes | |

Last week marked the official start of autumn — or so we’re told. Here in San Antonio, the daytime high temperatures are still hovering in the mid-90s.

The week also felt like a huge pivotal shift in global central banks’ fight against sticky price inflation. Monetary policymakers added 350 basis points (bps) in rate hikes, bringing the total amount of hikes in the world’s top 10 largest economies to a massive ~2,000 bps so far this cycle, according to ...

Utility Investing Is a Steady, Buy-and-Hold Play. Just Not in This Market

Tradier | |

Utility companies provide essential services critical to sustaining life and comfort by supplying people with natural gas, electricity, water and power. Investors tend to hold utility shares in portfolios as long-term investments because they offer price stability and attractive dividend income.

Common utilities include water, sewer, electric, gas, trash and recycling companies. Some technology companies — including cable TV, internet, security, and phone commu...

Our Inflation Nightmare Will Flatline in Six Months

Thompson Clark | |

Investors are running scared.

Chalk it up to the August CPI reading, which prompted a brutal sell-off on Wall Street last Tuesday. Stocks suffered their largest one-day drop in more than two years.

Why? The market took a “glass half empty” view of positive news: The headline inflation rate decreased from 8.5% in July to 8.3% in August.

As you can see, inflation has continued to trend downward since peaking in June:

3 Ways Finance Teams Can Navigate Inflation Through Automation

Alex Cedro | |

How to best combat rising expenses and lower margins.

Consumers Finally Seeing Lower Gasoline Prices

Frank Holmes | |

The bad news is that we are likely in a recession.

Inflation is the Fed's Number One Priority

Tradier | |

More interest rate increases are coming.

Inflation + Recession = Recipe for Volatility

Tradier | |

Uncertainty is the stock market’s worst enemy.

Decentralization Drives Progress

Frank Holmes | |

The founding of the US is a case study in decentralization.

Rising US Dollar Is a Mirage

Tradier | |

All fiat currencies, including the US greenback, are losing value in the current global economic landscape.

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