Is This the Ultimate Precious Metals Bottom Indicator?

Marin Katusa | |

No investors paid it any attention. 

Central banks around the world just made a monumental statement, purchasing a record amount of gold this past quarter.


Central banks purchased 400 tons of gold in Q3 and brought total purchases YTD to 673 tons.

Is Your Portfolio Positioned For a 'White Gold' Rush?

Frank Holmes | |



In North America and the U.S. specifically, the hunt for lithium, a key component of batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs), has historically trailed a handful of other countries. That includes Australia, which mines more “white gold” than all other countries combined, and China, the leader in both l...

Metals Market Likely Bottoming

Avi Gilburt | |

When the GLD dropped down off the October 25th high in a 5-wave structure, this provided us with the warning that a deeper c-wave can take hold.

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