Why Nuclear Energy Is Now Part of The Road to Renewables

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Photos: Noam Galai, ClimateDispatch, HHS (Wikimedia Commons)

What do Microsoft founder Bill Gates, climate scientist James Hansen, legendary venture capitalist Fred Wilson and the governments of Germany and Japan have in common? They are all exploring how nuclear power can be a part of the transition to a net zero world.

What a difference a decade makes. ...

Nuclear Power Is Gaining New Respect in Europe. It's About Time

Frank Holmes | |


Consumers Finally Seeing Lower Gasoline Prices

Frank Holmes | |

The bad news is that we are likely in a recession.

The Colder War Is Heating Up — and It's All About Energy

Marin Katusa | |

Tougher sanctions on Russian energy-related businesses loom.

Equities Tumble, Bonds and Oil Surge, as Russia Attacks Ukraine

Edward Kim | |

Brent crude hit $105 in the wake of Putin's attack.

Commodities Post Strongest Gains in Over a Decade

Frank Holmes | |

Commodities as a whole had their best year in over a decade, due in large part to inflation triggered by unprecedented global monetary and fiscal stimulus. The Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index ended 2021 with a gain of 27%, the biggest yearly jump since 2009, when the financial crisis similarly prompted governments and central banks to flood their economies with liquidity.

Renewable Energy Drives Metals and Minerals Prices

Frank Holmes | |

We can phase out fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, but we can’t phase out the metals and minerals necessary to build additional renewable energy projects.

Investment Themes To Watch in 2022

Frank Holmes | |

Exactly 12 months ago today, inflation was running at only 1.1%, oil was still under $50 per barrel and Bitcoin was trading at $18,260. Virtually no one had been vaccinated against COVID-19, and even fewer people had ever heard of the word omicron – let alone knew that it is a letter in the Greek alphabet.

$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Means More Demand for Metals And Mining

Frank Holmes | |

After much anticipation, the U.S. House approved a bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending package last week, sending it to President Joe Biden’s desk to sign. Although no single lawmaker got everything they wanted, I believe this bill is generally constructive news for the metals and mining industry, which will be tasked with supplying the critical minerals necessary to build and improve the nation’s roads, bridges, ports, power grid and so much more.

Skimmed Milk Masquerades as Cream — Part 2

Michael McTague | |

Part 1 of this series looked at the successful executive and his or her image as a person of wealth. Perhaps we should refer to those individuals as apparently wealthy.

Part 2 looks a more enterprising group of wealth seekers. They claim to have found a secret means of gaining wealth. We have all run into them. At parties, they tell their private insights on getting rich. Here are several of the most irritating claims such people make.

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