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The Ultimate Truth Serum

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Forgive me for being blunt, but most folks don’t know the first thing about measuring how cheap a stock is. Which is a shame, because buying dominant stocks on the cheap is probably the easiest and lowest-risk way to grow your wealth in the markets. Especially today. Because many dominant disruptors are trading for multiyear-low valuations.
If you’ve ever been bewildered by stock market valuations, it’s not your fault. Few things are more confusing than stock mark...

COVID-19 Sparks Dramatic Disruptions to Wall Street’s Data

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​As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts business operations across the globe, one area not getting enough attention is the disruption of offshore financial data collection services.

Avoid These Poor ROIC Stocks in a Crisis, Part 2

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Investors should avoid stocks for companies with low (and falling) ROICs.

Avoid These Poor ROIC Stocks in a Crisis​

David Trainer | |

Our Robo-Analyst warns against owning these companies with falling ROICs, declining economic earnings, and overvalued stock prices.

Don't Ignore the Real Earnings Season

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Two companies from the beginning of filing season have core earnings trending in the opposite direction of GAAP earnings.

Focus on High ROIC Businesses in a Stormy Market

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As valuations decline, investors should scoop up these quality businesses.

Uncovering Non-Operating Charges in a 10-K

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Since February 27, 2020, our analysts parsed 364 filings and collected 41,596 data points. In total, they made 8,550 forensic accounting adjustments with a dollar value of $3.7 trillion.

This Company Has Increased Dividends for the Past Nine Years

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20 new stocks made our Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio this month. Get a free look at one of the stocks in the most recent portfolio.

Examination of This Company's Financials Reveals Understated Earnings

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Last week, analysts parsed 475 filings and collected 55,687 data points. In total, they made 11,756 accounting adjustments with a dollar value of $7.7 trillion.

This Fund Targets Superior Cash Flows and Lower Valuations

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This week we feature a fund that successfully executes a superior stock-picking methodology.

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