Federal Reserve

Inflation Continues To Drive Interest Rates Higher

Tradier | |

Q2 GDP data confirms that US is in a recession.

Inflation is the Fed's Number One Priority

Tradier | |

More interest rate increases are coming.

Market Stages Strong Thursday Rally, Though April Still on Pace To Be Worst Month in Two Years

Edward Kim | |

Strong earnings lifting the market against Fed worries.

Stuck Between a Strong Labor Market and an Inverted Yield Curve

Edward Kim | |

How aggressive will the Fed get with interest rates in the near term?

The Federal Reserve, Inflation and the US Dollar

Guild Investment Management | |

Why hasn't the dollar rallied stronger in the face of a very likely European recession?

Swap Lines Are Powerful Weapons for the Federal Reserve

Marin Katusa | |

Russia's attack on Ukraine in will lead to the first major implementation of the Fed's swap lines due to war.

Fed Chair Powell and Russia's Putin Hover Over Markets

Edward Kim | |

Prepare for more than just 25-basis-point hikes.

US Posts First Monthly Budget Surplus in More Than 2 Years

Equities Staff | |

The U.S. government posted a $119 billion budget surplus in January, the first in more than two years, amid strong growth in tax receipts and a sharp drop in pandemic-related outlays

The January surplus compared to a January 2021 deficit of $163 billion, a record for the month asdirect payments to individuals from COVID-19 aid legislation enacted in December 2020 were distributed.

The surplus last month was the first sinc...

Investors Must Watch US Dollar Volatility Amid Higher Interest Rates

Tradier | |

As the US central bank prepares to address the highest inflation levels in four decades, the prospects for higher US interest rates have pushed the dollar to higher lows and higher highs against other world fiat currencies.

Russell 2000 Enters Bear Market Territory for First Time in Nearly Two Years

Equities Staff | |

Small caps tumbled Thursday to their lowest level in over a year, with the Russell 2000 Index falling 2.3% to close at 1,931.29.

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