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Huawei Says Carrier Business Stable as Revenues Decline: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Huawei 2021 performance was a mixed bag of good and bad. Wireless carrier business stable. Enterprise operation growing. Revenues down. Let's take a look at what can we expect in 2022 with 5G.

Global Politics Could Drive Extreme Market Volatility in 2022

Tradier | |

While the stock market is focused on inflation and economics, it could be politics that blindside investors and traders over the coming months.

Kroger App Causes Customer Frustration, Hurts Brand: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Kroger grocery marketing created an app forcing customers to jump through confusing hoops to get the lowest price. This will cause lost market share. Here's what Kroger needs to do to repair this problem.

The Shipping Container Was the Most Important Invention of the 20th Century

Frank Holmes | |

Malcolm McLean may be the most important person you’ve never heard of. His claim to fame? Inventing a box.

Currencies and the Global Expansion of Money Supply

Marin Katusa | |

Did you know that over the last 20 years…

If you took all the currency created in the world and converted it to US Dollars… the money supply would have increased by 5-fold?

That’s equivalent to nearly two full years’ worth of emissions from all energy production around the world.

Commodities Post Strongest Gains in Over a Decade

Frank Holmes | |

Commodities as a whole had their best year in over a decade, due in large part to inflation triggered by unprecedented global monetary and fiscal stimulus. The Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index ended 2021 with a gain of 27%, the biggest yearly jump since 2009, when the financial crisis similarly prompted governments and central banks to flood their economies with liquidity.

Charlie Munger Doubles Down on Alibaba While the Fed Signals Tightening

Tradier | |

The weaker-than-expected labor report should not deter the Fed from tightening credit, especially because the unemployment rate fell below 4%.

Commodities — Assessing 2021 and Forecasting 2022

Marin Katusa | |

Large price moves normally come in waves and the big winners rotate as the economy changes.

CEO Hans Vestberg Putting Verizon Back on Growth Track: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Verizon is finally heading in the right direction and getting back on the growth track thanks to new CEO Hans Vestberg. Let's take a look at what they still need to do going forward.

Investing Highlights (and Lowlights) of 2021

Frank Holmes | |

Any way you look at it, 2021 was an eventful year—from a new president to new virus variants to new all-time highs for Bitcoin and the S&P 500 (70 record closes!). We even saw the rise of a whole new asset class: non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, with annual trading volume between $22 billion and $24 billion in 2021, up from only $100 million in 2020.

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